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Shiv Durga

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Don't forget to check back often, as we regularly update our events schedule with new and exciting opportunities to engage with our community and deepen your connection to the divine.

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Shiv Durga Hindu Temple (SDHT) was established by a renowned priest and a religious leader, HH Shri Shanti P Shastriji and his wife Smt. Uma Devi Nautiyal in Naperville/Aurora, Illinois.
Shiv Durga Hindu Temple (SDHT) Inaugurated on February 8, 2019, which is a non-profit institution inspired by the most ancient philosophy of Sanatana Dharma, with the goal is to inculcate peaceful religious practices & spirituality in everyone.

Shastri Ji is a highly qualified Vedic Scholar with Masters in Sanskrit languages with an expertise in chanting all 4 Vedas, and training in performing Vedic rituals. Shastri Ji wishes for SDHT to promote educational, social, cultural values and interfaith outreach within the surrounding communities. Shastri ji travel to perform pujas for his followers all over the United States and abroad like Canada, England, Europe, Mexico etc.

Pujya Shastriji

Pujya Shastriji

Founder & Permanant Director/Chairperson (Mahant)   

Smt Uma Devi

Founder & President of the Temple 

As a founder and President of Temple, Uma Ji is the driving force in this journey that helps bind everyone and everything together. She is dedicated and working tirelessly to fulfill Shastriji's dream. Being the temple president, Uma JI has many responsibilities set on her to mold the vision of the SDHT. This beautiful temple that cultivates Indian culture and provides religious services would not be here today without her hard work.

Smt Uma Nautiyal

Shiv Durga Hindu Temple’s (SDHT) mission is to provide religious and spiritual services to the Hindu diaspora and to promote educational, social, cultural values and interfaith outreach within the surrounding communities. 

Shiv Durga Hindu Temple's Mission is:

  • To provide a place of worship in the Chicago land area for Hindu and congregation

  • To provide an educational and a cultural center for the community at large

  • To sponsor and conduct religious, spiritual, educational, social and cultural activities

  • To embellish and preserve Hindu heritage and promote tradition of our rich culture

  • To enhance religious experience and philosophy to diverse congregational group, especially the younger generation

  • To develop congregational responsibility and recognize and respect interfaith beliefs

  • To develop and perform community service

  • To continue as a religious, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization

See our event calendar

Browse through the list of our forthcoming events below, and mark your calendar to join us in celebrating our shared faith, cultural heritage, and the vibrant tapestry of our temple community. Your presence is a valuable addition to our collective journey towards spiritual growth and unity.

Marigolds and Colorful Bells

Join us for
"Everyday Pooja"

Every Monday



Aarti 10am & 7.30pm

Every Tuesday

Hanuman Chalisa


Aarti 10am & 7.00pm

Every Wednesday         Vishnu Aarti

Aarti 4pm & 7.00pm

Bollywood Dance class: 6.30pm

Every Thursday

Sai Bhajan


Aarti 10am & 7.00pm

Hindi Class: 6.00pm

Every Friday

Vishnu Sahastranam


Aarti 10am & 7.00pm

Every Saturday



Aarti 10am & 7.00pm

Every Sunday



Aarti 10am & 7.00pm

Operation Hours

Summer Timings: April 1st to Oct 16th

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 1.00pm & 4.00pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 4.00pm - 8.00pm

Saturday and Sunday 8.30am - 8.00pm

Winter Timings: Oct 16th to March 30th

Monday - Friday  10.30am - 1.00pm & 4.00pm - 8.00pm


Wednesday 4.00pm - 8.00pm

Saturday and Sunday 10.30am -

Monthly Puja

Navgrah Abhishekam
Every First Saturday of the month@11:30am
Mata Ki Chowk

Every Second Saturday of the month@5:30pm
Sundarkand Path

Every third Saturday of the month @ 3:30pm

11 times Hanuman Chalisa Path
Every Fourth Saturday of the month @ 3:30pm

Satynarayan Pooja
Every Month on Full moon (Purnima) @11.30 am or 6:30pm

Pooja Services

A pooja service is a ritual of worship to the Divine or to one or more deities, involving visualization, mantra recitation, and offerings. It is performed to keep in harmony with cosmic
forces, to receive blessings, to accumulate merit, and to overcome sorrows and obstacles. It can also honor or celebrate a special guest or event. Pooja services can be held either at home or in temples.

Pooja ceremony items
pooja ceremony items
Dance Celebration
hindi classes


Dance is a type of art that involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It can be performed as a work of art, a cultural ritual, a social recreation, a health and wellness activity, or an expression of the person. Dance can be choreographed or improvised. It can have both
aesthetic and symbolic value to the audience.

Life at SDHT

Contact us

4315 Westbrook Drive

Aurora, IL 60504


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